2012 Grants Announcement

The New York Women’s Foundation is proud to announce an unprecedented $5,250,000 in funding to support 96 women-led, community-based organizations, reflecting our commitment to strategically invest in solutions that promote economic security and justice for women and families in New York City.
The Foundation continues to be a strategic, impactful, nimble, and responsive philanthropic investor, and in 2012, its 25th anniversary year, it has expanded its impact through general support grants, and several new initiatives.
The Foundation has been on a trajectory to continuously increase support to our partners in NYC, to address the persistent gap in philanthropic investment in women and families. I am gratified that in our 25th anniversary year, we were able to address this gap with the largest annual grant award in The Foundation’s history,”
President and CEO, Ana L. Oliveira.
In 2012, The New York Women’s Foundation awarded 46 grants totaling $2.67 million tosupport programs that address economic security, health, sexual rights and reproductive justice, and anti-violence and safety.

In addition, The Foundation’s funding initiative to address the economic recession (RISE-NYC! – Respond, Inspire, Solve, Engage) concluded its fourth year awarding 19 grants totaling $1,125,625 in the funding areas of Business Development, Education, Training and Employment, and Family Stability and Safety.

There were 7 Systemic Impact Grants totaling $495,000 awarded to expand our support of policy initiatives and to scale-up innovative programs that have proven success in eliminating barriers and/or creating opportunities for sustainable economic security.

Additionally, 4 grants totaling $300,000 were awarded to support The Foundation’s Initiative Against Sex Trafficking of Minors in New Yorkin the areas of Policy and Advocacy, and Early Intervention and Prevention. These grants will strengthen efforts that eliminate the sexual exploitation of girls and transgender youth in NYC.
And finally, in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, The Foundation created a $1 million Hurricane Sandy Response and Recovery Fund to mobilize resources and increase institutional capacity. In 2012, the first of this four year funding initiative, The Foundation awarded 15 grants totaling $250,000 to address the immediate and long term needs of current and former NYWF grantee partners most impacted by Hurricane Sandy.
2012 has truly been a momentous year for The Foundation.  It has been our privilege to celebrate our 25th Anniversary by awarding an unprecedented $5,250,000 in grants, deepening and expanding our commitment and impact to improve the lives of women and families in New York City.

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