Health Equity & Reproductive Justice

Upholding bodily autonomy and health as fundamental rights.

The New York Women’s Foundation recognizes abortion access and reproductive justice as essential to health and well-being. When women, non-binary, and gender-expansive people are able to make informed decisions about their health, access abortion and contraceptives, and receive gender-affirming healthcare, they are better able to advocate on behalf of themselves and their communities.

Powering movements for reproductive justice

Our grantmaking in this area is focused on efforts that ensure liberatory reproductive justice futures. The Foundation invests in community-rooted organizations and coalitions working to expand equitable abortion and birth control access, birth justice, bodily autonomy, gender-affirming healthcare, informed consent, and resisting family separation.

Equity, led by community

In New York City, communities have been on the frontlines of addressing bodily autonomy, birthing and broader reproductive and sexual health inequities. The Foundation invests in community-rooted organizations and coalitions to respond to immediate needs and deepen work around advocacy to achieve health equity.

If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice

If/When/How transforms the law and policy landscape through advocacy, support, and organizing so all people have the power to determine if, when, and how to create families with dignity. Their nationwide network of lawyers, law students, legal professionals, and movement organizers are working to make reproductive freedom a reality for all.

Bx (Re)Birth and Progress

Bx (Re)Birth and Progress seeks to build alternate solutions outside of the system that protect and honor birthing people in the Bronx and their families. Their work centers Black people and strives to return universal dignity and care to the sacred ceremony that is birth through the development of anti-racist, inclusive, and trauma-informed initiatives.

New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF)

The New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) supports anyone who needs assistance paying for an abortion in New York State, or for New Yorkers seeking care elsewhere. NYAAF provides funding directly to clinics on behalf of the people that they serve and also assists people from out of state who need help covering the costs of their procedures in New York.

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