Abigail E. Disney, Board Chair Emerita speaks out against income inequality

The glaring income inequality in this country is a crisis that can’t be ignored. Calling attention to the growing wealth of a select few at the expense of a majority is none other than our fierce Board Chair Emerita Abigail E. Disney. She’s made headlines recently for bravely speaking truth to power and calling out companies to practice more humane ways of doing business by paying workers dignified, living wages. “It is time to call out the men and women who lead us and to draw a line in the sand about how low we are prepared to let hard-working people sink while top management takes home ever-more-outrageous sums of money,” she boldly said in a recent op-ed in The Washington Post.
At The New York Women’s Foundation, we are proud to stand with Abigail as she rightfully shines a light on inequality that continues to grow at the expense of those who are most vulnerable—including women and families right here in New York City. We support her in the fight to create a future that is equitable for all, and free from the fear of economic instability. You can read more about Abigail’s incredible efforts in the New York Times.

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