Ending Gender-based Violence and Building Safety

All women should be safe from intimate partner, sexual, bias-based, and state-sanctioned violence. The New York Women’s Foundation provides resources to support organizations that address the immediate needs of women, girls, and gender-fluid individuals who suffer or have suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse as well as programs that seek to address the root causes of gender‐based violence in order to create lasting changes in institutions and beliefs that perpetuate gender‐based violence. Gender‐based violence can include intimate partner violence, sexual assault, the trafficking of women and minors, cyberstalking, and other forms of cyber‐violence, gun violence, and elder abuse and The Foundation supports work involved in prevention, intervention, and/or advocacy and policy change.

As part of our work to end gender-based violence, The Foundation launched the Fund for the Me Too Movement and Allies in partnership with ‘me. too.’ Movement founder and leader, Tarana Burke. The Fund is a vehicle to ensure that the momentum of the #MeToo Movement is sustained beyond news cycles and hashtags, by supporting organizations around the country working to prevent sexual violence and harassment and promote the healing of survivors and victims. Its creation builds on The Foundation’s long history of responding to the needs of women leaders who are building transformational movements and investing in community-led solutions that confront gender violence. The Fund for the Me Too Movement and Allies welcomes partnership and investment from individuals, foundations and corporations. To learn more, please contact Dominique-Laura Pierce at