Celebrating Two Pivotal Executive Orders

The New York Women’s Foundation congratulates and celebrates the Biden-Harris Administration for signing into law two Executive Orders that take historic steps in advancing equality, justice, and safety for women.  
The White House Gender Policy Council’s formulation provides an opportunity for the government to partner with community leaders and take bold action for women’s economic security and well-being. Additionally, the Department of Education’s review of Title IX regulations to guarantee women an education free from sexual violence.  
These two actions move our nation towards creating a future and framework for government that centers on the needs of women and discriminated communities, including Black, Latina, Native, Asian American and Pacific Islander, people with disabilities, and LGBTQI+. 
COVID-19 has deepened existing inequalities for women, especially for women of color. The Foundation is hopeful that the Administration and Council’s engagement with non-profit and community-based organizations like ourselves and our grantee partners will pave the way for policies that address systemic racism, gender-based violence, economic inequality, and all forms of oppression.  
The New York Women’s Foundation is committed to ensuring that our grantee partners’ voices are heard, and the unique needs of their communities addressed as the Biden-Harris Administration advances justice for women. The Foundation continues to support more than 200 community organizations in New York City and beyond to strategically implement action and change.  
In Solidarity, 
Ana Oliveira 
President & CEO, The New York Women’s Foundation  

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