Fall Grantmaking Efforts Focused on Coalition Building, Reproductive Justice, Safety & Healing Justice, and Civic Engagement

The New York Women’s Foundation announced its latest round of grantmaking to further cement The Foundation and its grantee partners as vital community changemakers across New York City and beyond. October’s round of funding totals over $1 million in support of 12 organizations, both new and existing grantee partners, ahead of a critically important midterm election.

On its 35th anniversary, The Foundation continues to advance its mission of creating an equitable and just future for women and families by funding women of color leaders who are closest to the issues and the communities they serve. This latest round of grantmaking funds coalitions and networks, which include current and former grantee partners, further illustrating the breadth and depth of The Foundation’s work and the ways in which the work of its grantee partners is interconnected.

In this latest round of grantmaking, new grantee The New York Informed Consent Coalition is building grassroots power statewide to support bodily autonomy, reproductive justice, address drug criminalization, and prevent family separation. This coalition includes grantee partners JMAC for FamiliesBronx DefendersThe Movement for Family Power and the Drug Policy Alliance, who raise awareness and advocate against drug testing birthing and parenting people without their consent.  Another grantee partner, In Our Names Network (IONN) is conducting a participatory action research project focused on young women & trans youth’s experiences of sexual harassment and violence by police officers stationed in and near schools. This project is led and implemented by survivors with the support of researchers and network members, including other current grantee partners of The New York Women’s Foundation.

“With our mission of ‘radical generosity,’ The Foundation is continually looking to build the power of coalitions and initiatives that are both intersectional and far-reaching,” said President and CEO Ana L. Oliveira of The New York Women’s Foundation. “We are fighting for every aspect of women and gender-expansive people’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy across New York City and beyond.”

In addition to The Foundation’s support for reproductive justice and various alliances, this latest round of grantmaking included several organizations centered on civic engagement. Given the 2022 midterm election cycle, it is vital for The Foundation to further fund organizations that both build the leadership of those campaigning for office and foster sustainable support as officials are elected and take office.

This steady investment has helped strengthen civic life, both in New York City and across the nation, with groups such as Poderistas, Higher Heights, and The New Majority NYC (formerly 21 in ’21) serving as the model for civic leadership and engagement through a variety of programs. The Foundation and its partners hope to continue the momentum in the wake of electing New York City’s first ever women-majority City Council.

Over the past year, The New York Women’s Foundation has granted over $4.6 million in funds to 69 organizations, and this latest round continues to reaffirm The Foundation’s unwavering commitment to an equal and just future for all women and families.

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