What we’re doing to fight for all women’s rights and protections.

Dear Friend,

So many of us have been asking ourselves: What now for women, for immigrants, for communities of color, for LGBTQ people? Today’s media foreshadowing the first 100 days of a Trump presidency is frightening for so many of us.

But we know the answer to the question “What now?” The answer is simple: we fight. We fight for all women’s rights and protections. We stand up for immigrants, communities of color, and LGBTQ communities. We increase and accelerate our investment in women leaders and community organizations.

We will protect the gains we have made. We will not let women’s ability to live safe, economically secure lives be put at risk. Here’s the good news: We know how to do this. We have been working to build justice and economic security for women and families for nearly three decades. Our job just got harder, but we are ready.

So here is what’s next:

In 2017, The Foundation will increase its investments by an additional $1 million toward programs working to protect immigrant rights, combat racism and discrimination, promote anti-violence and safety, protect women’s health and reproductive justice, and building women’s economic security. And this is just the beginning. We are going to work harder than ever to support women community leaders who are working on the frontlines of poverty, violence, racial and ethnic discrimination, criminalization, and homelessness. Their work is going to be more challenging than ever and we are here for them – as we always have been.

We are calling on our cross-cultural alliance of women to stand with us. That means you and the women you know. Since we were founded, we have brought women from all backgrounds and means to the table because we know that we are more powerful when we are working together.

Join the fight by increasing your annual donation or making your first gift.  Ask your friends to give too.
Our eyes are on the future. We are going to build the pipeline of women leaders by focusing on girls and young women of color. We are doing this by funding programs and joining local and national partnerships that provide girls and young women of color with training and experiences that open the doors of opportunity. We are doing this because those leading our government, business, academic, and nonprofit sectors should look like the people they represent, teach, and sell to.

This is just the beginning. We will be reaching out to you for your support, your ideas, and your participation as we go forward. The fight for justice and equality for all women isn’t over by a long shot. We know we can count on you to stand with us – as you always have been.

Warm regards,

Ana L. Oliveira

President & CEO

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