Gender Budget Analysis Report and Call to Action

The New York Women’s Foundation, in partnership with the Fiscal Policy Institute, is proud to release a new gender budget analysis report“A Harder Struggle, Fewer Opportunities: The Impact of the Governor’s Proposed Budget on Women, Children and Families”. This report reveals the disproportionate burden placed on New York City’s women across racial lines in the executive state budget proposal and offers specific recommendations for alternatives.
The report indicates that low–income women in New York City bear a disproportionate burden in Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget. As such, they are placed at even greater risk of entrenched poverty, physical, emotional and sexual violence, poor health and other factors that contribute to long–term economic stagnation. Many of the proposed budget cuts disproportionately affect single mother heads of households and women holding lower–paying jobs in the public and nonprofit sectors.
At best, these proposed cuts provide only temporary relief and could increase already burgeoning poverty levels in New York by destabilizing those who are struggling and reducing opportunities for women to move out of poverty. We must work together to develop a budget that more closely reflects our values as New Yorkers.
VOICE your opinion! STAND for women, children and families in New York City

  • Call or email Govenor Cuomo, your state senator, and assemblyperson
  • Urge them to review the report
  • ASK THEM to restore funding for women, children and families in NYC and throughout the state

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