For 25 years, The New York Women’s Foundation has stood for the safety of women and families. We have funded  community based nonprofits that work to eliminate violence, help rebuild families torn apart by violence, and advocate for laws that prevent, protect, and punish the perpetrators of violent acts.  We have grown to understand the complex issues and challenges of poverty and violence that women and families have had to overcome.
Although women are most often the victims of violent acts; violence does not discriminate.  It unexpectedly invades lives; shredding the very fabric of home and community. It has a paralyzing effect on all involved regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and geography.
We have also learned that it takes both collective and individual responses to heal, restore, and to prevent additional tragedies.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook has created a moment in our national consciousness with the imperative for immediate and responsible action.
It is time for all levels of government to enact laws that effectively prevent, protect and appropriately punish, so that these unspeakable acts will never be repeated.  Learn more and make your voice heard, go to and .
Our failure to resolutely address this issue, in the past, has led to indescribable tragedy.  With sustained effort, vigilance and resources we can create safe communities in our City and across our nation.
Please stand with us and voice your support for immediate action against gun violence.
Diana L. Taylor                   Ana L.Oliveira
Board Chair                        President & CEO

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