Inauguration 2021: With New Leadership Comes a Myriad of Possibilities

Today, we celebrate a monumental occasion with the inauguration of Kamala Harris as this country’s first Black, Indian-American woman Vice President. History has been made and we’re overjoyed knowing that she follows the trail blazed by Black women leaders and those whose advocacy supported her path to the White House.
The Biden administration’s leadership can make the difference in introducing policies and legislation that align with our values as a Foundation in creating a world that is more equitable and just. With new leadership comes a myriad of possibilities, and we are incredibly hopeful that the inclusive team President Biden and Vice President Harris are amassing is an expression of their leadership and values, which will move us toward a better future.
The Foundation looks to the new administration to implement the critical changes we and our grantee partners wish to see. We anticipate that the forces for justice and civic leadership that made this day possible be strengthened by the Biden-Harris administration, and that their voices will be centered in our fight against racial, economic, and gender injustice and oppression. We embrace this new chapter as an opportunity to strengthen the efforts of grassroots movements on local, state and national levels with investments in bold solutions to these most pressing challenges. When we look back on this time, may we always remember that it was the efforts of women— and particularly Black and brown women, immigrant women— whose unwavering commitment to justice and equality made this possible.

Our work begins at The Foundation with our grantee partners and the communities of women and families they support. We remain unflinching in our commitment to invest in the movements they are leading for change. Our grantee partners also have a unique opportunity now to have the changes they’ve been fighting for be seen through to fruition. From turning the tide towards protections for trans and gender nonconforming communities, to immigration justice, racial equity and more, we join them in the fight to ensure that the Biden administration enacts the changes we urgently need.
Of the many lessons we’ve learned over the last year, may we remember that we are interconnected. And when we center the needs of those who have been harmed by the last administration and a culture of racism and patriarchy, we create a path for sustainable, meaningful change. With determination and a spirit of radical generosity, we will see this through— together.

In Solidarity,
Ana Oliveira
President & CEO, The New York Women’s Foundation

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