The New York Women’s Foundation Announces $2,120,000 in Grants to Address Needs of Women and Families in New York City

December 23, 2015                                                   

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The New York Women’s Foundation Announces $2,120,000 in Grants to Address Needs of Women and Families in New York City

Awards 35 organizations working to promote economic security for women and families across NYC

The New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF) announced a total of $2,120,000 in grants awarded to 35 organizations working to promote economic security for women and families across New York City. This latest cycle of funding rounds out NYWF’s 2015 grantmaking year, which totaled $6,000,000.

These grants address a range of issues across The Foundation’s core focus areas of Economic Security, Anti-Violence & Safety, Health, Sexual Rights, and Reproductive Justice. Through key investment strategies, NYWF is working to strengthen efforts that:

  • Eliminate the sexual exploitation of girls and transgender youth in NYC
  • Support girls, young women, and gender fluid youth of color to achieve their full potential to accelerate a shift towards gender and racial equity
  • Deepen support of emerging grassroots organizations serving historically underinvested communities
  • Develop partnerships with stakeholders and community members with place-based solutions promoting peace, safety and prosperity
  • Build strategies and systems change initiatives to help create a New Economy

Taken together, these grants address a continuum of complex needs faced by women, girls and families living at or below the poverty level. Since 1987, NYWF has funded over $50 million to organizations working to meet these needs, and is currently the premier women’s fund in the country.

The complete list of grants follows:

Economic Security

A Better Balance New York Women’s Economic Security $75,000

Brotherhood/Sister Sol General Operating Support $60,000

Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute General Operating Support $40,000

Center for Family in Sunset Park The New York City Cooperative Development Project $75,000

Community Voices Heard $20,000

Center for Family Life in Sunset Park Amigas Cooperative 35,000

Community Connections for Youth Girls Leadership Development Program $60,000

DRUM (Desis Rising Up & Moving) General Operating Support $60,000

Empire State Pride Agenda Foundation Transgender Civil Rights $60,000

Faith in New York Program-Specific Grant $15,000

Girls for Gender Equity General Operating Support $80,000

Girls for Gender Equity Young Women’s Advisory Council $80,000

Hot Bread Kitchen and Center for Family Life in Sunset Park HBK Worker-Owned Cooperative $70,000

Minkwon Center for Community Action General Operating Support $60,000

Neighbors Helping Neighbors General Operating Support $60,000

Neighbors Together General Operating Support $60,000

New Economy Project Program-Specific Grant $30,000

NICE (New Immigrant Community Empowerment) General Operating Support $60,000

P.A.’L.A.N.T.E Harlem General Operating Support $60,000

Participatory Budgeting Project $75,000

The Debt Collective Program-Specific Grant $15,000

The Prisoner Reentry Institute $30,000

VOCAL- NY (Voices of Community Activists and Leaders) Civil Rights Union and Homeless Union $60,000

Welfare Rights Initiative General Operating Support $70,000

Anti-Violence and Safety

Center for Anti-Violence Education Community Alliance Against Violence & RisingStrong $60,000

Center for Court Innovation “Creating Change for Children” Project $60,000

City Bar Justice Center Trafficking and Empowerment Program (TPEP) $60,000

Covenant House Covenant House New York Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative $60,000

Day One New York Anti Domestic Sex Trafficking Program $60,000

Girls Education and Mentoring Services Support Services for Commercially Exploited and Domestically Trafficked Girls and Young Women $80,000

LiveOn NY Elder Abuse Initiative $75,000

Resilience Advocacy Project Girls Health and Trafficking Initiative $60,000

Streetwise and Safe General Operating Support $60,000

The Door- A Center for Alternatives Drop-in and Crisis Service of Runaway and Homeless Youth Program $60,000

Health, Sexual Rights and Reproductive Justice

Correctional Association Women in Prison Project $75,000

Comunilife Life is Precious $40,000

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice New York Community Organizing and Leadership Development to Advance Dignity for Pregnant and Parenting Youth $60,000