The New York Women’s Foundation Statement on the Harvey Weinstein Verdict

On February 24, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of a criminal sex act in the first degree and of rape in the third degree. The New York Women’s Foundation recognizes the magnitude of this moment for survivors of gender-based violence and affirms the great courage and determination demonstrated by the survivors who testified.

We recognize this verdict as a potential watershed moment for similar cases in jurisdictions across New York City. While it remains immensely difficult for survivors to come forward and be treated with dignity and respect in their pursuits of justice, we remain hopeful that their voices will be heard.

“This moment we are witnessing is historical because it shows us the power of the voices of survivors,” said Ana Oliveira, President and CEO of The New York Women’s Foundation. “We know that with gender-based violence, without a fundamental condition of safety, we cannot move towards justice. We will continue to invest in the voices, lives and wisdom of survivors.”

The Foundation has a track record of responding to the needs of women leaders who are building transformational movements and investing in community-led solutions that confront gender violence. Our Fund for the Me Too Movement and Allies is an extension of this history, and through this Fund, we remain committed to investing in the safety and healing of survivors along with our grantee partners.

Society is made better for all when the safety of survivors is centered. We will continue to press forward towards a world where women from all walks of life can be heard, validated and supported in their journeys toward healing from sexual violence.