No Justice, No Peace

We mourn the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade—and the long list of others killed by racial hatred and police violence. We are anguished by our country’s unrelenting history of state-sanctioned violence against Black people, and the fact that no matter the evidence–no matter what we can all see with our own eyes—there’s no justice, no peace.

No more.
We, at The New York Women’s Foundation, join our Black sisters and brothers who are fighting for their lives and the lives of their children and families. Our work is antiracist work. We center our initiatives around Black women and women of color—our grantee partners—who are resisting injustice and seeking its resolution.
We will continue to increase our grant-making to support Black women’s leadership and the destruction of systemic racism and practices. For police reform, bail reform, immigration reform, the closing of Rikers and the end of mass incarceration through The Justice Fund.
For the health, safety, and economic advancement of young people of color in disinvested communities through The NYC Fund for Girls and Young Women of Color.
To break the cycle of violence against women of color through The Fund for the Me Too Movement and Allies. 
For economic justice, through early and consistent investment in worker-owned cooperatives, black women’s entrepreneurship, housing justice and advocacy for equity in the workplace.
Let’s come together in action  … to contribute … to advocate … to speak up when you witness hateful acts … to protest until government leaders no longer foment violence or look away … to mobilize and demand change until the policies and systems that sustain racism are abolished … to support the work of Black women and other Black leaders and racial justice organizations. We, at The Foundation, are unflinching in our commitment: We have not—and will not—rest until we see real and enduring change. Once and for all.

Our latest grantmaking invests over $1M in coalition building, civic engagement, and more.