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Workplace Policies & the Gender Wage Gap
Women’s economic security is more critical than ever, as they are the sole or primary earner for 40% of American households with children under the age of 18[1]. A challenge that women face in attaining economic security is the gender wage gap. The gender wage gap highlights earning disparities between women and their white, male professional counterparts. Across the United States, women make about 78 cents compared to their white, male counterparts. This disparity increases when looking at the earnings of Black and Latina women, who make 66 cents and 54 cents respectively[2]. While these numbers vary across regions and professions, they reflect the significant challenges that women face in the workplace. Click here to read more.
Bangladeshi Women, Isolated in New York City, Need more Support, Advocates Say
The death of a baby whose mother is accused of throwing him from a window has gripped the social service providers trying to address mental health problems of Bangladeshis. Three of NYWF’s grantee partners, Sapna NYC, Chhaya Community Development Corporation, and Sakhi for South Asian Women are quoted.
Spousal abuse: The ‘silent illness’ driving women into homelessness
Doctors called on to better observe guidelines on screening women for violence, a leading cause of homelessness.
The Bail Trap
Every year, thousands of innocent people are sent to jail only because they can’t afford to post bail, putting them at risk of losing their jobs, custody of their children – even their lives.
Unauthorized Immigrants Paid $100 Billion Into Social Security Over Last Decade
Unauthorized workers are paying an estimated $13 billion a year in social security taxes and only getting around $1 billion back, according to a senior government statistician.
Recovering Economy Not Stemming Demand at U.S. Food Banks
Food charities continue to see rising demand for their services despite the growing economy, leaving many organizations struggling to secure sufficient supplies.
Why Do So Many Jews Who Leave The Ultra-Orthodox Community Commit Suicide?
Mental health issues in the ultra-Orthodox community are still stigmatized, though in recent years, things have gotten better. There are more social workers, and people are seeing therapists and psychiatrists. But religious struggles can lead to depression, especially when people feel trapped by their circumstances. In the face of all this tragedy, an organization called Footsteps, has created a support network for the formerly religious, offering assistance in adjusting to modern society and coping with the crippling loneliness.
Trans homicides surpass total for 2014 as community warns of crisis
Shade Schuler, whose decomposing body was found in Dallas in July, was the 13th trans murder victim in the US this year, already surpassing the 12 known trans murder in all of 2014. This year, 11 of those victims have been women of color – including Schuler, who was black.
ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape
Claiming the Quran’s support, the Islamic State codifies sex slavery in conquered regions of Iraq and Syria and uses the practice as a recruiting tool.
Dallas is 5th U.S. city to land Per Scholas IT training program
Efforts to stamp out poverty in Dallas got a boost when the city was picked as the nation’s fifth to house a free information technology training program, Per Scholas, to help lift the low-income, unemployed and underemployed out of hardship.
Yelp to Show Gains for Women, Hispanics, And African-Americans In 2015 Diversity Report, Unlike Facebook, Google
Talk to recruiters in Silicon Valley and you’ll hear that the tech industry’s diversity problem has to do with a lack of women and minorities in the talent pool. And while that’s partly true, one tech company in the Bay Area is proving it needn’t take years to move the needle on diversity. That company is Yelp.
Amnesty International Votes for Policy Calling for Decriminalization of Prostitution
After days of emotional debates and intense lobbying, delegates from Amnesty International voted on Tuesday to support a policy that calls for decriminalization of the sex trade, including prostitution, payment for sex and brothel ownership.
LGBT in El Salvador: Beatings, intolerance, death
In a country with soaring murder rates, the LGBT community is often a target.
Nonprofits seek to keep communities intact amid rampant gentrification
Amid unchecked gentrification in Brooklyn, long-established ethnic enclaves are struggling to keep their communities intact, their housing affordable and employment opportunities readily accessible. It is on these critical and contentious fronts that Brooklyn nonprofit, advocacy and community organizing groups, like Make the Road New York, have focused their attention, raising concerns on behalf of immigrant constituencies.
From NYWF:
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From the Field:
How the Internet is Shaping Social Change, and Social Change is Shaping the Internet Click here to read this new report from The Center for Media Justice

Inequality in 700 Popular Films: Examining Portrayals of Gender, Race, & LGBT Status from 2007 to 2014 Click here to read this new report from University of Southern California Annenberg’s Media, Diversity, & Social Change Initiative
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