NYWF In the Know – June 5, 2015

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Advances in Healthcare Quality & Access for Transgender People As we as a nation make strides in our understanding of the challenges facing transgender people, it is important to highlight the policy successes and community work being done to support this population. The New York Women’s Foundation proudly supports community-based organizations working to meet the health, safety, and economic needs of transgender individuals across New York City.

Last month, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced a public-private partnership aimed at improving access and quality of healthcare services for transgender people.  The Attorney General’s Office will work with the Greater New York Hospital Association, Lambda Legal, and other providers to deliver training, information and other resources on the legal requirements, needs and best practices for serving the transgender communities. The Attorney General cited a 2011 national survey conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force which found that 24% of transgender people have been denied equal treatment in a doctor’s office or hospital. Click here to read more.

The Retail Race Divide: How the Retail Industry is Perpetuating Racial Inequality in the 21st Century This new report from Demos and the NAACP examines the differences in retail workers’ occupations, earnings, and schedules to reveal how employment in the retail industry fails to meet the needs of the Black and Latino workforce and, as a result, perpetuates racial inequality.

The Real Story of Asians in America That Hardly Anyone Is Talking About

The stereotypes that shape our perceptions of Asian people in America are as vast as they are limiting and most of our notions revolve around the “model minority” myth – the idea that characteristics unique to “Asian culture” have allowed them to flourish financially and academically in the U.S. in ways that other minorities have not. Here are five findings that challenge the idea of what most imagine the “typical” Asian American experience to be.

All Your Clothes Are Made With Exploited Labor

Patagonia, the apparel and sporting company is much more than just a retail company – it is an accredited and founding member of the Fair Labor Association and aims to create products that cause no unnecessary harm to the environment and to humans. Despite these aspirations, four years ago internal audits turned up multiple instances of human trafficking, forced labor, and exploitation in Patagonia’s supply change. Is the problem too massive for companies to solve?

Brothel State in Mexico is conduit for human trafficking in New York

Tenancingo, a town of 10,000, has a distrurbing cottage industry – sex trafficking. The families of young and uneducated women, from sons to grandmothers, kidnap and smuggle them to Corona, Queens, a bustling immigrant neighborhood of taco trucks and restaurants. Organizations like Sanctuary for Families are working towards breaking the smuggling rings and assisting victims into leading healthy and dignified lives.

A Choice for Recovering Addicts: Relapse or Homelessness

Virtually unnoticed and effectively unregulated, a system of housing known as “three-quarter” homes profits off the poor and desperate in New York City. The hones, often decrepit and infested with vermin, overflow with bunk beds and people. Opportunistic businessmen have rushed to open these homes, turning them into vehicles for fleecing the government, an investigation by The New York Times found.

Tweeting to Empower: Feminist Hashtags 2015

From Emma Watson’s #HeForShe, the U.N.’s initaitive to include men in the feminist fight, to muses on misogyny from #YesAllWomen, digital cultural has had a huge influence on the push for global gender equality.

There’s a Type of Domestic Abuse That the Media Never Talks About

The National Domestic Violence Hotline reports that an average of 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States. But despite the tendency of media to report on IPV as if it were an issue affective heterosexual couples exclusively, IPV affects people across lines of racial, gender, socio-economic and sexual identity.

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