Onward, Our Work is Not Done


Today, November 4th, 2020, we wanna thank you. We wanna thank you for voting, for supporting our work to get others to be supported to vote. Thank you to our grantee partners

for your incredible and continuous work in getting your communities ready to vote and make their voices heard. Our work is not done. As we await for one of the offices, which is the presidency’s results, we know that we have had very important victories in local and state levels.

Victories that, along with us, will propel forward the policies and supports so that every woman, every family, in the city, in the state, and in the country thrive, are economically secure, have health access, educational access.

Our work is not done. We will continue regardless of who is the president and we will continue because of you, because I know that you will be here with us. So onward, and thank you.

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