Protecting Health, Sexual Rights and Reproductive Justice

The New York Women’s Foundation recognizes health as a fundamental right and necessity for a woman to achieve and sustain complete mental, spiritual, political, economic, and social well–being. A core value of Foundation funding in this area is that as women, girls and transgender individuals become informed about and take control of their health, they are better able to advocate on behalf of themselves and their families and communities.  Our grantmaking in this area is focused on efforts that protect and ensure reproductive justice and rights, especially for low-income women and women of color; and protect access to quality.

Groundswell’s Catalyst Fund: As a grantee of Groundswell’s Catalyst Fund, The New York Women’s Foundation committed to partner and increase investments and visibility of the vital contributions of women of color who are leaders in the reproductive justice movement. Through our grantmaking, we resource organizing and power-building strategies for reproductive justice and support the leadership of women of color and trans and gender non-conforming communities, within this work.