Proud to be an investor in Level Forward

The New York Women’s Foundation is honored to be an investor in Level Forward, founded by the team from Killer Content and our Chair Emerita, Abigail E. Disney. Created just one year ago, Level Forward has already made its mark on Broadway with Tony-nominated plays, “What the Constitution Means to Me” and “Oklahoma!” which won a Tony for best revival of a musical. Level Forward takes a new approach in creating film, television, digital and live media, sourcing its content from emerging and diverse sources. Level Forward focuses on projects that can create social impact, and engages nonprofit partners, including donating a portion of the proceeds from each production to a relevant nonprofit organization. In keeping with Abigail Disney’s work to end gun violence, and Killer Impact’s approach, Level Forward launched Gun Neutral as an industry-wide initiative, with a pledge to convert films and shows to pay for GN offsets that include investments in buybacks and destruction of illegals firearms, investment in youth programs, and research so storytellers can better understand the consequences of their choices.
We are proud to work with Level Forward as a partner and as an impact investor. Our investment is in keeping with our long history of investing in women on the leading edge of economic, gender and racial diversity, and in uplifting the voices that often go unheard.

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