Resist & Persist.

We’re a Foundation for the advancement, wellbeing and economic security of women— and the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is a clear denial of these valuesWe’re deeply troubled by her legal track record, which demonstrates an inability to stand for equality, inclusion and civil rights 
Leadership that does not work on behalf of all women and families is a threat to achieving an equitable and just future. Transformative policies and protections such as reproductive care, marriage equalitythe Affordable Care Act and democratic values are now at stake.  
This confirmation process diverted necessary action away from where it is needed most: for the millions of women who have been forced out of work, are facing eviction, or experiencing intense financial hardships throughout the persisting public health crisis 
We join our grantee partners in their efforts to ensure the protection and wellbeing of all women and families. Together, we will invest in and continue to advance community solutions to the most pressing issues of our time. We will resist, and persist, to ensure the protection of all women 

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