Statement on Iran

The New York Women’s Foundation stands in solidarity with Iranian women and all those fighting for their liberation. Last month, the murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini ignited a movement led by Iranian women that is vigorously resisting the repressive forces of the Iranian government and the ways that sexism is weaponized against women in Iran. Iranian women are now leading one of the biggest movements for women’s rights in the world. The demonstrations happening in Iran, led primarily by youth, are more than just protests against an oppressive regime—it is a revolution with implications that reach far beyond Iran’s borders.  

What is notable about Iran’s movement for gender justice is its intersectionality. Protests in Iran are crossing class and ethnic lines, and many sectors of society, including businesses and unions, have also joined in protest. We are reminded once again that our power lies in our solidarity, and that our liberation is tied to one another’s. While the particulars of our oppression may be different, we share points of unity that we must harness to achieve liberation for all. 

The current moment offers an extraordinary opportunity for global uprising, led by women of the Global South in Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Mexico, Sudan, and elsewhere. As evidenced by Iran, we know that women are always at the forefront of movements for gender, racial, and economic justice. Below are some resources and actions to take to support Iranian women and build on the momentum of their movement: 

  • Amplify Iranian voices: Massive internet blackouts in Iran and the Islamic Republic severely limiting social media access have restricted Iranians’ voices. Share stories and news of what’s happening in Iran and amplify Iranian voices. Some accounts to follow include: activist and journalist Masih Alinejad, writer and film director Naz Riahi, feminist coalition from: Iran, activist Sarah Ramani, and the community organization Middle East Matters
  • Attend a protest or teach-in: Get involved in direct actions to show solidarity with Iranian women or participate in a teach-in to become more informed. 
  • Pressure universities to support students: Given the recent attacks at Sharif University, call on university administrators to waive admissions fees for Iranian students and fast-track applications for Iranians.

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