Week of August 18th

Bronx Net interviews Boom!Health
Robert Corder of Boom!Health NYC and Eileen Newman of Center for Bronx Nonprofits at Hostos tells Bronx Net more about Boom!Health’s rebranding and how it is helping the Bronx Community.
How a Part-Time Pay Penalty Hits Working Mothers
Women get paid less than men in almost all jobs, but when women in low-wage jobs need to take time off work to care for children, they are at an even greater disadvantage. There is one exception to the pay gap among the lower-wage occupations: technicians. In these jobs, which include clincal lab workers and legal assistants, women still get paid less, but are not penalized for working fewer hours. It is also striking that among high-income occupations, tech also has the smallest pay gap.
Why Are So Many Women Dying From Ebola?
Studies show that infectious disease often affects one gender more than another – but that knowledge isn’t being put into practice. Sabra Klein, a Johns Hopkins University professor, explains that consciously evaluating what happens in an outbreak, or in any health crisis, needs to be seen through a gender lens. It would also mean tackling systemic problems, such as women’s unequal access to adequate health care of the finances they might require for treatment. In short, it would mean challenging fundamental and dangerous disparities
The Top States For Female Entrepreneurs
There are more female entrepreneurs in America than ever. The number of women-owned businesses has almost doubled from 5.4 million firms in 1997 to 9.1 million in 2014, according to new research from Expert Market. According to the research, the states with the most female-owned businesses are: Washington DC (34.5%), Maryland (32.6%), New Mexico (31.7%), Hawaii (31%), and Georgia (30.9%).
A Co-op State of Mind
Co-ops tend to be more difficult to get started than conventional businesses but once they’re up and running, they tend to be very sustainable. New York is giving a $1.2 million grant that will be allocated to 11 worker-cooperative support organizations including The Center for Family Life and Make the Road New York. The article also features a profile on Si Se Puede, a woman owned worker cooperative that was started with the help of SCO Family of Services’ Center for Family Life.
Bronx shelter helps kids escape tortures of domestic violence, heals emotional wounds
The Sarah Burke House, the state’s largest transitional shelter for victims of domestic violence, run by Sanctuary for Families, provides up to 58 families a temporary safe haven while preparing mothers to find permanent housing, shore up their finances and establish a stable life with their kids.
Among the Poor, Women Feel Inequality More Deeply
For most women, real wages have been climbing but it’s at the lowest income levels that the burden on women stands out. Not only are they more likely than men to be in a minimum-wage job, but women are also much more likely to be raising a family on their own.

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