Workshop on immigration rights for women in Brooklyn

Grantee partner Mixteca Organization, Inc.‘s Promotoras program was featured in a local news channel this week featuring the work of Promotoras and their immigration outreach efforts. They were also recently awarded a 6-month grant by the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs to conduct immigration Know Your Rights workshops in Brooklyn this spring so that their member Elsa and others can continue supporting this work and engage with neighbors about their immigration rights.  We love hearing that their important efforts are now being supported by city government!
Elsa began coming to Mixteca through work funded through our Early Investment grant on intimate partner violence and since her “graduation” she now is an active member in several Mixteca activities. She is one of the most vocal advocates in their Sunset Park community and has now taken her efforts to focus on Promotoras which is funded by our RESILIENCE-NYC initiative. Click here to read the article.

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